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Being an entrepreneur is more than just learning startup jargon and attending random hackathons. It requires an entrepreneurial mindset, but you don't need another lecture from generic websites. As a fellow teenager, I understand the unique challenges of balancing school and starting a business. I've been there, and I've achieved remarkable success as a TEDx speaker,#1 International best-selling author, and startup founder at just 17.

Forget the jargon-filled lectures from traditional programs- I offer practical strategies to help you navigate the financial challenges and master time management. Let me help you unleash your entrepreneurial potential and design your GenZ journey.

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Hi I’m Tanish Shenoy

You might know me as a TEDx Speaker on “Social Entrepreneurship through the eyes of Technology”, Founder of a startup called MorGyftz, and the author of the #1 International Bestseller Book Author of "The GenZ Entrepreneur- Unleashing Gen Z's Entrepreneurial Mindset"

Or you might have seen me published on Today’s Parent about “3 Reasons Entrepreneurship Can Boost Self Esteem for Kids”, and featured in interviews like the one on the “It Takes COURAGE” show.

Maybe you saw me on YouTube inspiring and encouraging teens and GenZ entrepreneurs or have seen a few of my blogs in Linkedin and Medium.

I’ve been helping young preneurs see their ideas come to life. That means no more issues for balancing school and startup, letting age define your success, and no more waiting to turn your startup ideas into a reality.

Instead, I teach how to use MINDSET & SYSTEMS to live a Dream Life — no matter how old you are.

What does your DREAM LIFE look like

Here’s a sneak peak of mine…

Maybe your DREAM LIFE might be 

  • Supporting the COMMUNITY
  • Traveling on LUX VACATIONS
  • Owning a HOUSE
  • Having your DREAM CAR
  • Support/Secure your PARENT's FUTURE
  • Financial INDEPENDENCE

 And much more!

Each of these things makes my life more fulfilled, fun, and happier. For me, achieving my dreams as a teen means being able to spend EXTRA on these things, daily.

Of course, this is just my vision. Yours might be different. Your DREAM LIFE is YOURS. Not your parents’ dream. Not your friends’ dream. Not even mine. Just yours.

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